Getting a new kitchen is a big deal. It makes a huge difference to your home and the way you use the space if you get it right, and can be unworkable if you don’t.

But it’s also a big deal because it is an investment, and the right design and the quality of workmanship can add both the wow factor you desire now, and the pound signs you want for the future value of your home. Get it wrong, and you could be a very unhappy customer.

And this is where choice comes in, so here’s our tips for choosing wisely.

1. Choose a great designer
Design looks easy to the untrained eye, but a great designer will think out of the box, and work with you to deliver a vision you might not have thought of yourself. Be creative and unique, and on trend for 21 century living, whether you prefer ultra-modern, traditional style or something in between.

2. Choose products and appliances that suit your home and match your investment
Try out and investigate the products and appliances. Weigh up all the options, what would you compromise on if you had to, and would you even notice? We’ll happily explain whatever you want to know. It’s our job and our passion.

3. Choose an efficient and quality installation team
Whoever you by from ask who the team are that are installing the kitchen. Installing a kitchen is disruptive, so you want it doing quickly and efficiently, but don’t compromise on quality.
Also, ensure the kitchen company you choose will keep people on the job until it is finished and you’re satisfied.

4. Choose a project manager
Ask WHO will be your contact during the installation, and will it be the same person throughout?
At JD Kitchens Phil takes care of all our installations from beginning to end, working with our inhouse fitters Carl and Jordan. He’ll bring in our approved builders for walls that need to knocked down or built, and work with the tilers and flooring specialists to ensure it is all done to a strict schedule. So the job doesn’t run over and all the best tradespeople work together.

5. Choose one company that does it all….
JD Kitchens have been designing and installing German and British Kitchens for 18 years. We’re specialists in Schuller, Next 125 and Mackintosh ranges and are a Neff appliance 5*Masterpartner.

….With a six year warranty
And when we leave, we leave you with a six-year KBSA warranty, so if you’re ever unhappy with the installation we’ll come back and fix it. Not that we’ve ever had to use it!

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