Let’s face it, not every beautiful kitchen design starts out with a number of perfect boxes that fit perfectly into a nice square room. If only!   The reality is that the walls in real homes like yours (and ours) are generally far from straight, and there’s often an awkward corner with wasted space that is crying out for a redesign.

If you have inherited a kitchen with a space that you can’t fully utilise, or a kitchen with no natural work flow, our professional designer can help.

The easy option, (and the one taken by many kitchen companies) would be to simply block off the awkward corner completely. This is great if you want the design to simply look neater, and fit the box shape better, but it is not the option if you want to make the most of the available room and increase the storage available.

Our solution lies in clever design and occasionally bespoke manufacturing to banish awkward or wasted space to make it useable.

At JD Kitchens in Cheshire, our professional interior designer will talk to you about how you use your kitchen, whether you entertain regularly, if you use it as your home office, if there are children and even how tall the occupants are. This research will help us to understand how much storage you need, and how to plan the room so that it can be designed to make it comfortable for all the occupants to use.

We don’t just plan your kitchen layout based on getting as many square shaped units to sit against square shaped walls!

There are several ways we can add more useable area. Adding pull out corner cupboards mean you can get right to the back of the cupboard in one small movement, pull out larder units make it easy to reach ingredients, and we also offer taller than standard units that they fit floor to ceiling to make a very sleek finish, we can even hide away all your kitchen with doors that open at the touch of the door.

What about adding a home for your vacuum under the plinth, or including a waist height washing machine or dishwasher with storage below and above, this is also a perfect solution for people who suffer with a bad back.  A Quooker tap removes the need for a kettle – meaning a nice clear work surface.

With careful planning and excellent workmanship quirky corners are fully utilised, bad backs are accommodated, homework and home offices integrated.

We believe you can have it all.

All our kitchens are designed to accommodate and adapt, creating beautiful designs that make the kitchen workflow, and flow well.

JD Kitchens only use quality kitchen manufacturers such as Schuller and next125 from Germany, Keller from the Netherlands and Callerton from the North East of England. This means that your kitchen will last, and still look beautiful in many years to come.

If you’re looking for a creative interior designer who really knows how to get the most out of your awkward kitchen and banish all those wasted spaces, speak to Cassandra at JD Kitchens. She’s so clever at finding the best way to fit more into your kitchen without compromising on your design.

Contact us on 01925 636997 to make an appointment or pop into our Gorsey Lane showroom and watch as your perfect kitchen design comes to life.

Installing a waist height washing machine saves a bad back

Adding a pull out corner unit makes reaching everything easy

A plinth can hide the vacuum and make cleaning up easy!