100% Carbon neutral and sustainable kitchens are now available  in our Warrington showroom and we’d love to show them to you.
We know from listening to our customers that sustainability has become such an important part of our customer’s decision making process when they’re looking for a new kitchen. But at what cost?  Does it hamper the design element, does it only come in three colours, does it cost more? The answer is NO. Dutch brand Keller do not disappoint!
From design (bespoke units including pantry’s are available) to finishes in many colours and fittings, Keller really are coming out on top, and yes, they are 100% carbon neutral in their manufacturing processes and, as a quality product they last for years and years – which helps with their eco credentials. 
We think they’re a HUGE deal and can’t wait to start your design in the Keller range.
There’s even a range for contract kitchens – so tell your builder friends to contact us for a great deal on that property refurb!

What are Keller’s environmental policies in short?

Keller has been a Carbon Neutral manufacturer for over five years; it is enshrined within the corporate social responsibility ethos. In 2021, the next step – to be a Carbon Negative manufacturer – was taken. This initiative extracts 150 tonnes of carbon from the air over a five-year period that will be put to good use in agricultural soils; the 150 tonnes is the equivalent carbon output of a normal kitchen manufacturer making 70,000 kitchens.

Keller’s goal in terms of sustainability is to learn, adapt and adopt technologies and processes that maintain our status as a world-leading force in sustainable manufacturing of kitchens. The company will never rest on its laurels and will eradicate as much CO2 as possible while making beautiful kitchens attainable that don’t cost the earth; all whilst taking care of our people, the planet and delivering adequate profit for our business and partners.

Becoming Carbon Negative is an all-encompassing circular process; from the materials Keller acquires from renewable sources to recycling old kitchens no longer required, and everything in between. This includes, for example, generating proprietary electricity from over 8,000 solar panels on the factory roof, using technology such as no glue laser edging, water-based lacquering, advanced production processes, recyclable packaging only, bio-mass heat/energy generation, greening of the entire fleet of vehicles, planting forests in Bolivia and more.

Keller is well known for offering the widest range of colours (1950 NCS) and finishes in the kitchen furniture market – as well as developing different cabinet sizes and colours and being a carbon neutral kitchen manufacturer.

Keller Kitchens is proud to be a Carbon Neutral kitchen manufacturer and has been since 2017.

For further information, please visit www.kellerkitchens.com.