Sand Grey Matt Velvet & Natural Knotty Oak, Brushed

NX620 has been designed for people who enjoy being surrounded by nature and minimal fuss.   

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19mm thick real wood veneer provides warmth, texture and depth.  So beautiful that it becomes a striking feature when the cupboards are closed and the kitchen is hidden from view. 

The darker tones of NX510 complement the natural wood of the NX620. It’s practical yet designer led features provide ample storage, and the little touches such as the waist height dishwasher offer an award winning innovative approach to kitchen design. 


The fronts, produced with a great deal of care in several work processes and coated with transparent matt lacquer are particularly durable. They also feel silky soft.

NX 510

Matt velvet lacquer

NX 510 L162M
Alpine white matt velvet
NX 510 L092M
Crystal white matt velvet
NX 510 L102M
White matt velvet
NX 510 L212M
Sand grey matt velvet
NX 510 L122M
Crystal grey matt velvet
NX 510 L237M
Stone grey matt
NX 510 L277M
Agate grey matt velvet
NX 510 L492M
Mocha brown matt velvet AFP
NX 510 L187M
Onyx black matt velvet AFP
NX 510 L192M
Lava black matt velvet AFP