Fenix onyx black fine matt AFP & larch smoked, brushed

The NX870 range is a Fenix door.  Water-repellent, hygienic mould-resistant with anti fingerprint coating .  The doors have a velvety, matt appearance.

The 125mm grid, minimalist purity, with optimal kitchen storage and organisation are design hallmarks for next125.

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Dramatic and versatile, this extraordinary collection offers the ultimate flexibility to create phenomenal living spaces. This is contemporary kitchen design at its best.

Natural materials combine with advanced manufacturing to create sustainable and innovative finishes and features. 


Fenix solid core is pressed from several layers of solid in order to obtain a 4 mm thick worktop. The contemporary, warm and velvety design is comfortable to the touch. Thanks to the special anti-fingerprint coating AFP, annoying fingerprints are considerably reduced.

NX 860 / NX 870

Solid core

NX 860 V162F
Fenix alpine white fine matt AFP
NX 860 V492F
Fenix mocha brown fine matt AFP
NX 860 V187F
Fenix onyx black fine matt AFP