‘COLOUR me happy there’s a sofa in here for two’; The surprised and delighted exclamation from the classic 90’s film Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

The scene, a lift in a posh hotel. The subject : a sofa in a lift.

Fast forward almost 30 years and she probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Luxury and plush are at every turn.

The demand for quality over cheap and disposable is prevalent: reusable coffee cups and a campaign to say no to plastic straws are just some examples and we’re seeing more every day.

Couple this with the incredible speed of technological advances and knowledge, and eco is a factor we all need to consider.

Dave Charlton Director at JD Kitchens explains
“Only a few years ago we needed to explain the benefits of boiling water taps (safety, speed and eco-friendliness), and now people are simply walking in and asking for a brand name like Quooker, it is fast becoming standard.

Similarly, we were previously at pains to explain the eco credentials of our kitchens, and why we selected them over other quality brands. These days our customers know more than us, they care about the environment and are looking for something long lasting and robust, but dripping in sophistication.

As an engineer by trade I wanted to ensure that what we offered not only looked sleek and stylish and used cutting edge technology, but had eco credentials to boot. When we came across the Next125 range I knew we’d found the kitchen brand for us.”

It is designed and made using recycled materials and sustainable products. The range is constantly evolving, finding alternative ways to be more innovative, environmentally friendly and efficient.

Sleek handleless glass doors, splashes of colour and clever use of texture and lighting make the Next 125 range absolutely guaranteed to colour you happy, and impress every single day for years to come.

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