Around 25 % off all appliances sold in the UK are by German company NEFF. That’s a huge percentage, and here at JD Kitchens we think that there is a reason why they are so popular, well actually we’ve found several!

Firstly, they really know what they’re doing, creating appliances that work just as well as any you would find in a commercial kitchen, but obviously on a smaller scale for the chef at home.

They’re easy to use.  The digital displays make using them much more simple than rooting through a manual!   For example, on the ovens, if you want to prove bread, just click the prove bread setting. It will set the timer and temperature – giving you a helping hand. The fridges, washing machines and dishwasher are all equally intuitive and simple to programme.


Style is right up there on NEFF’s list of essential criteria, and they don’t hold back. Sleek, stylish and with new technology emerging every week, they’re ahead of the game and it shows.

JD Kitchens are a NEFF Master partner too. But what does that mean for you?

Well, firstly it means we get a better rate, which we pass on to you to make them more affordable. We also have access to products not found in other stores giving you wider choice.

Because we’re local we can fit them for you, even if you just want to replace your oven, rather than your whole kitchen. And best of all, you can see them working in our showroom – we’ll even let you bake in them!

Oh yes, there are free pans with every induction hob too at the moment.
It really makes sense to shop local, doesn’t it!