If you are planning your kitchen on a sunny morning like today don’t be fooled into forgetting to add enough lighting, or you may regret it come the darker nights in autumn. 

Lighting is such an important factor in any room design, but especially so in the kitchen as it needs to be safe as well as the heart of the home. 

At JD Kitchens our expert kitchen designers suggest including several of lighting options, from subtle downlights for evening entertainment, to practical task lighting for safe food preparation – making soup and stew making a joy rather than a chore on a dark winters day.

 Lighting is not just a practical consideration. It is integral to the structure of the space, allowing the eye to flow through the room. Getting it right should relax the mind and free you to feel more relaxed, and therefore more creative. That’s why we explore the way that natural light falls and bounces, and build that into the design first. 

If you have the height and the space you can make a statement with a large feature light to add the wow factor as you walk in, if your space is smaller you can accent different areas, and there are some amazing coloured lighting options that work with your smart technology for dancing!

Get it right at the planning stage and you can relax knowing your kitchen will not only look great, it will perform well for years to come, whatever the season throws at you!

This British made Callerton Kitchen with oak painted doors is the perfect all season choice for your units, it’ll warm up the darkest of drizzly winter days and bring you joy for summer entertainment.

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