Be a star baker in our Warrington showroom, with Neff Slide and Hide.

Hurrah, the Great British Bake Off is back on our screens, once again showing off the amazing Slide and Hide ovens from German manufacturer Neff.


There are so many features we could tell you about that we could easily be called oven bores, but the best way to find out about this very clever oven is to TRY it for YOURSELF.


Every Wednesday and Saturday at 12.00 we’re opening our (oven) doors to anyone wanting to see how the Neff Slide and Hide ovens work, by baking their own simple bakes.


And if you don’t want to bring in your own biscuit mix we’ll have a batch ready to demonstrate.


Try the Neff Slide and Hide yourself

Be a star baker every Wednesday and Saturday in our Warrington showroom. Simply bring a tray of unbaked biscuits (or similar quick bake) into the showroom at lunchtime, and we’ll show you how the Neff Slide and Hide works, we’ll even make you a cuppa whilst you wait for them to bake. Just call us to make an appointment and be sure to leave us a biscuit or two!



Why do we love Neff Slide and Hide ovens?


It’s not hard to see why these ovens have been featured on the Bake Off for years. The Neff Slide and Hide provides even baking heat, so the bake and rise is consistent on all the trays regardless of where in the oven you place your tray. Not only that; you can cook biscuits and your casserole at the same time, as the technology means that the smells and moisture don’t travel in the oven, that’s efficient!


And with Home Connect Technology you don’t have to touch the oven to programme it, great if you have sticky fingers or struggle with small screens. You can control the temperature and even find recipes on your tablet or phone and can even talk to the oven. Yes, really.

We love it so much we want you to try it for yourself!


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