Wow, last night was brilliant! Andrea, the home economist from Neff came over with bags full of food to prepare for our special guests.

She popped little pastries filled with marinated tomatoes into the oven, along with garlic bread with pesto and chorizo – a lovely little canape to go with the cold white wine whilst the guests arrived.

Next Andrea did a demonstration of the combination microwave, explaining how the special Neff technology meant that the little roast potatoes with parmesan would cook in half the time.

Pizza was next, cooked in the steam oven! I don’t think any of us expected that it would be crispy, but it was – magic indeed.

Over to the induction hob and we were served delicious griddled halloumi, and pork meatballs in pitta bread with sour cream and chive dip.

The food just kept coming, dish after dish and by the end our appetites were sated, and then we saw the chocolate brownies with cherries and pistachio, the fresh fruit and the melted chocolate (which had been melted in a pan on the induction hob without a bain-marie – the joy of temperature control!).

Our guests loved it, and even the most ardent bakers and cooks among them took away information on how they could get the most out of their shiny new Neff appliances.

Being a five-star Neff Masterpartner gives us some great pricing on Neff products, to beat the high street competition, plus we get to hold amazing events like this too, we love it!

We’ll be holding another session in October for our most recent customers, we’d better get to the gym first!