Not sure which of our kitchen ranges will suit you best?

Try this short fun quiz from Warrington based JD Kitchens to reveal all!

1) You’ve invited friends over next Friday night. Do you…
a) Get out your cook books and plan a gastronomic experience to impress?
b) Relax, you’re a confident cook and will happily knock up a decent lasagne whilst your guests are relaxing with a drink
c) Call in a takeaway and buy a few bottles of wine, cooking is too much like hard work!

2) Your children want to turn your kitchen into an art studio, do you…
a) Get out the paint pots and embrace your own inner Picasso.
b) Get the paint out, but hover with the baby wipes to clean up as you go.
c) Distract them and go to the park instead!

3) How often do you cook?
a) Every day
b) 3-4 times a week
c) A couple of times a week

Mostly A’s
Adventurous and a keen cook, you’ll be swept away with the Next125 range. Intelligent design options and cutting-edge finishes will give you pleasure and impress every day. Add built-in wine coolers and self-extracting induction hob to streamline the look.

Mostly B’s
You’re in touch with your traditional values and love nothing more than baking a cake at the weekends, but do like to have everything looking stylish and clean. Try our British made Macintosh kitchen with shaker styling for a modern take on a timeless classic. NEFF’s near silent extractor fan and Slide&Hide oven will make entertaining a breeze.

Mostly C’s
You have a super busy life, and need your kitchen to be functional, but value design and clean lines. The Schuller kitchen range are German engineered and made to measure your space. Smooth and handleless the look is streamlined and highly stylish.

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