Jaguar Green Satin and Old Oak

A kitchen that experiments with colour, texture and material, as well as modern design and planning. Adding a large kitchen peninsular in contrasting marble and mounting a floating base line unit to the wall creates a contrast between elements that is sure to grab the attention of anyone who enters the room.

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The cool, bright white of the marble worktop contrasts beautifully with the warm allure of jaguar green satin lacquer and the tactility of the old oak.

The wall-mounted system provides floating design solutions for a contemporary kitchen design. The construction on a 125 mm-grid system (hence the name ‘Next125’) creates a sleek architectural finish that is characterised by horizontal alignment. And if you are worried about storage, there are plenty of innovative solutions that keep all your kitchen necessities hidden behind closed doors.


Wood fronts are natural and sustainable surfaces made from solid wood and precious veneers. They are coated with a particularly high-resistance two-component lacquer for protection.

NX 650


NX 650 F805
Old Oak
NX 650 F600
Larch smoked, brushed