Sand Grey Matt Velvet

Homely, natural, functional – the requirements for a contemporary kitchen.

The NX510 silky soft door fronts are coated with several layers of durable transparent matt lacquer.

A flexible kitchen helper, the next125 trolley is a faithful servant as a kitchen for use as a bar , hobby or service trolley.

To tie the living area and kitchen together, we developed a sideboard collection. The colours can be tailored to the kitchen fronts or add a contrasting accent. Three different leg shapes can  be used to create different styles.

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The spacious cooking table with its minimalist, fleet-footed design shapes the space without dominating it. With its generous size, it invites friends and family to sociable cooking events.


The fronts, produced with a great deal of care in several work processes and coated with transparent matt lacquer are particularly durable. They also feel silky soft.

NX 505


NX 505 L090
Crystal White Satin
NX 505 L100S
White Satin
NX 505 L445
Truffle brown satin
NX 505 L120
Crystal grey satin
NX 505 L235
Stone grey satin
NX 505 L275
Agate grey satin
NX 505 L285S
Anthracite satin
NX 505 L190
Lava black satin
NX 505 L410
Saffron yellow satin
NX 505 L460
Sage green satin
NX 505 L335
Jaguar green satin
NX 505 L380
Misty blue satin
NX 505 L405
Cognac satin