utility rooms and pantries

If you’re looking for a little extra room in addition to your kitchen, why not complete your new design with a small boot room, home laundrette, or pantry? Perfect for keeping all the things you need every day, but don’t want everyone to see, out of sight.

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Space-saving, organised and always close at hand. From a tall unit for drinks crates, to one for brooms, and another for provisions – we’ve thought of everything. We offer you a unit to suit every area. 

The home launderette – drawers and cupboards that make your life easier. Perfect laundry storage solutions for washing, and handy accessories that make washing fun!

We know that everyone’s requirements are different, so we will work with you closely to ensure your space fits you. With such a wide range of products, we can apply the right design to your additional room, even when the geometry and size are challenging.